Open Costs & Interior

Start-up costs & Interior

It differs in store type, special store, carriage type(small and medium type)

" We are strategically located in department stores, marts, and shopping malls.
It is a take-out specialty store suitable for a commercial area with many floating population. "

Special mall types may cause differences in terms of time and cost depending on the wideness and the market location.

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Investment Cost of Street Churros’ New Special Store

(6py standard _vat excluded)

Street Churros Open Cost

Section Detailed contents Price(won)
Franchise Fee Mutual right
Ensure local sales rights
Provide market investigation and store operation solution
Educational Expenses Initial store training / 40 hours
(Theory, field and practice, opening education, POS system, etc.)
Performance Bond Reserves for raw materials supplied by the head office
(Return upon termination of membership contract)
Opening Event Fee Fee for the actual opening event promotion 500,000
Equipment Ice cream machine, espresso machine, Churros machine, ice machine, refrigerator, warmer, kneader, oil filter etc. 23,394,700
Interior (Basic construction) Walls, ceilings, floors, equipment, basic electrical work, etc.
(*Including basic ventilation equipment such as motor/duct)
Interior (Signboard / Signs) Brand name (board) 4,500,000
Total 79,394,700
Expenses for start-up based on the basic manual of the head office(VAT excluded)

The above-mentioned start-up costs may vary depending on the type and situation of the store and the requirements of the store owner.

Initial cost, air conditioning(optional), external interior expenses are excluded(only applies when there is a need to extend an automatic fire extinguisher duct other than basic fire extinguishing equipment)

The cost of furnishings can be added according to the estimated sales and size of the store. (Added to the initial cost)

In the case of the road shop, with the outside façde and two-sided exposure, additional costs such as signs will be added

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