Franchise Process

Franchise Process

Street Churros delivers love, health, and happiness.
We are looking for a franchisee who can bring our values together.

  • STEP 1

    Franchise Contact

    Telephone consultation +82-2-6263-0303
    Visit counseling after booking
    E-mail consultation

  • STEP 2

    Market / Commercial Research

    Analysis of Location Conditions of Store
    Estimated Sales/ Estimated Profit and Loss Analysis
    Field visit research

  • STEP 3

    Final contract

    Provide opening approval contract
    Cost calculation

  • STEP 4

    Interior construction / education

    Interior construction contract
    15 ~ 20 days interior construction
    Conduct direct training of head office
    Prepare the opening documents.

  • STEP 5

    Operation Preparation Setting

    Operational preparation settings
    Initial setting of goods, equipment setting

  • STEP 6

    Store open

    Day1: Supervisor Support
    Day2: Start of business

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