Master Franchise

Master Franchise
Street Churros in the World

Master Franchise Agreement (MFA)
Master Franchise
  • 01.
    Meeting between
    master franchise candidates
  • 02.
    Disclosure and
    exchange of basic company data
  • 03.
    Offer package for franchisers
    (including conditions such as MFA & draft)
  • 04.
    MF candidate offer package review
    (deletion, modification, etc.)
  • 05.
    MFA final decision when agreement terms are agreed between the parties

Food distribution / store operations business experience or operator.

Franchise Business Operator

Terms and Conditions

Country, State Unit [USA / Canada / Australia / China] Amount of separate value / consultation

MF Contract Deposit /% royalty based on monthly sales

We are looking for
a partner to grow with Street Churros

  • Food area available
  • Selection and construction of interior companies
  • Ability to open and operate stores
  • A clear understanding of franchisees
  • Excellent management ability
  • Ability to establish and maintain brand value
  • Market analysis and brand extension / pioneering ability

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